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DRY Ozone Textile systems! Original Ozone Denim processing. This system is patented by O-S.

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The ODS (DOOC) Ozone Denim Machine is a high-tech machine using ozone for bleaching, various finishing processes and to clean back staining in indigo dyed textiles. All parts used in the construction of the ODS (DOOC) are manufactured from materials which are highly resistant to pressure, vacuum, humidity, water and movement taking place in ozone processing.

Ozone Denim Machine Denim Sample

What is Ozone?
Ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra atom of oxygen attached, thus forming O3. Ozone is formed naturally during a lightning storm. The creation of ozone is nature’s way of purifying the atmosphere, and is what gives clothesline dried linen that ‘‘fresh air’’ smell.

Ozone Denim Processing Machines

Introducing our latest ozone technology - Ozone Denim Systems (ODS)! These are the world's first industrial grade dry ozone garment processing machines. With the most reliable performance and results we have systems for any type of commercial textile application. Our new patented systems utilize ‘earth friendly’ ozone in place of bleach, hot water, and even water in general; and allow us to help you produce sustainable unique quality denim. Ozone denim processing is the wave of the future because of its superior sustainable qualities.

Our Ozone Denim Systems are custom designed and built to exacting unique specifications for each facility as necessary. With worker safety first and foremost in mind, our unique patented design achieves a 1 to 5 negative vacuum by continually re-circulating the ozone through the washer chamber. For safety we have built in a failsafe system so that any potential leaks will actually suck air into the washer chamber because of our negative vacuum; and all unused ozone gasses are evacuated through the positive exhaust and ozone destruct system. This system is patented by OLS, therefore other manufacturers do not and cannot offer this type of design!

Ozone Denim Processing Systems

Competitive systems typically push ozone gas into the washer cylinder under pressure which could lead to ozone leakage even in new machinery; and, without the ODS patented negative vacuum design, it could be unsafe to utilize existing older washers; but, with ODS, it is indeed very workable.

Although creating the ozone is an important part of the process, it is not the only, nor even, the most important part. The truly defining part of the ozone denim processing system is the delivery of the ozone into the washer cylinder where it actually does its work. It must be uniformly concentrated to obtain and sustain maximum quality control. This means that each ozone denim processing system must be designed and sized to meet the volume requirements of each washer cylinder. Our patented ODS ozone re-circulating/vacuum process not only eliminates ‘cold spots’ in the cylinder in the dry process; but, dissolves the ozone gas more efficiently in the wet process as well.

Through years of trials and testing with denim companies, such as Levis, we have found that these are the real key factors in obtaining high volume sustainable quality. With our unique design we can obtain and safely utilize a higher ozone ppm ratio than any other manufacturer in the world today.

As for poundage or load/lot cycle times, this is completely dependent on the desired result; and, productivity is limited only by washer capacity, as our ODS systems are stand alone self contained units that we can design to handle any capacity called for.

When looking at OLS against our competitors, consider not only value and return on investment (ROI), but also consider that an Ozone Denim System is a free-standing unit that can be used to feed ozone to two washers simultaneously, and while we can offer you washers with our ozone systems, we specialize in building our systems to work with any manufacturers’ washers as well. This means you can use your existing equipment, whereas many of our competitors systems can only be attached to a single, particular type or brand of washer. This practice (one ozone generator per washer) usually cannot be used with existing equipment, limits production and costs more. Our unique system design allows almost double production for the same cost, thus increasing your potential ROI substantially.

There are many pretenders out in the market making wonderful, if often times empty, promises but, with Ozone Laundry Systems you are dealing with professionals who have been in the business for over 30 years. We are on the cutting edge of new ozone denim processing technology with four unique processing options available.

Ozone Denim Systems is committed to worker safety, productivity, flexibility, quality control, and sustainability in the utilization of ozone to its ‘earth friendly’ maximum potential.


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