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Environmentally friendly: Ozone denim systems conserve water and energy and use environmentally friendly chemicals, greatly contributing to the protection of the environment. Since ozone destroys itself within the system, it presents no burden or threat to the wastewater system.

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Savings and Benefits Check out our savings analysis sample to compare Ozone Denim Systems to Traditional systems.
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Technology What is Ozone? Find out answers to this question and more about the technology behind Ozone Denim Systems.
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Technology ComparisonTechnology Comparison - OLS Ozone Denim Processing System compared to other systems dry ozone. OLS Vacuum System - Lighter aire is pulled out of the washer = equal ozone throught washer. Other systems have uneven finish. Lighter air is not pulled out of the washer creating an uneven mix of air/ ozone for unpredictable results.
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Health & SafetyHealth and Safety. Environmental considerations. Without Question, Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent (as is chlorine), and as such should be treated cautiously. Like all other oxidizing gases, ozone is toxic above certain concentrations.
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